The Top Reasons to Choose Carpet

Carpet Is More Comfortable
When you consider carpet, hardwood, and vinyl, carpet is the most comfortable. It’s warm and soft. When your family or friends are gathering together, it’s more enjoyable to be assemble in a carpeted area than on a hard surface. Often, children end up sitting and playing on the floor, and a carpeted area is better for them.

Carpet Is Cheaper
As far as price goes, carpet is much more economical than hardwood. To carpet your whole house would be about half the cost of using hardwood. Even tile has a hefty price because of all the supplies needed to install it. Flooring in your home is usually one of your biggest expenses. You don’t want to break the bank with a more expensive option.

Carpet Warms Your Home
Tile and hardwood can be so cold, especially if they’re put right on top of your foundation. Carpet and the padding used underneath it insulate your home and make each room that it’s in warmer. You can walk around without socks and shoes and be comfortable no matter what time of year.

Carpet Is Durable
Even though hardwood and vinyl can sometimes be easier to keep clean, they can be damaged easily. A pair of pointy heels or a dog’s nails can put a cut or dent into vinyl or hardwood. Tile can be chipped simply by accidentally dropping something. Carpet may need to be cleaned occasionally, but it holds up better to the normal wear and tear of a family.

Carpet Improves Allergies
Tons of dust and particles float into your home each day. Carpet acts as a passive air filter, removing them from the air that you’re breathing. Then you just vacuum them up. With hardwood, vinyl, or tile, the dust and allergens float around your home, being kicked up every time someone walks by them. People that suffer from allergies have found that living in a carpeted house helps them breathe more comfortably.

Carpet Is Safe
Carpet provides a softer, less slippery surface than all of the other options. It reduces falls and provides a safe place to land if you do fall. Tile and hardwood especially can cause serious damage if you were to fall on it. If you drop something onto carpet, it is less likely to break than if you were to drop it on the harder flooring. For older family members, area rugs on the hard flooring can be dangerous by bunching up and causing falls. Overall, carpet is definitely the safest choice.

Carpet Is Quiet
If you have a house full of kids or pets, carpet provides a sound cushion that all the other options lack. It makes for less-heavy footsteps, and the pad reduces the sound for the upper levels in a home. It also muffles the noise that bounces off it. If you were to talk or play in a room with hardwood, vinyl, or tile the sound echoes off those surfaces, making the home much noisier.

Carpet Reflects Your Style
There are so many options to choose from with carpet. There are thousands of different colors and styles. You can change the style and feel in every room of your home or choose a neutral color for all of it. There are so many possibilities. You can make a bold statement or lean to more of a classic look. The best part is choosing carpet and seeing your style come to life in your home.

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